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Have you ever felt stress that impedes how you function on a daily basis? Let chiropractic be the beginning to your relief from tension.


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Dr. Joseph | Neck, Back, Arm, Leg and Headache Pain Relief Clinic of Marin San Rafael CA
Dr. Joseph, DC

San Rafael's Best Chiropractor!

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Welcome to Our Marin Chiropractic Center

Suffer from pain? Need to find relief from stress, injury, and lethargy? If so, there is only one proven solution for you – the skilled chiropractic services from your trusted San Rafael Chiropractor at Neck, Back, Arm, Leg, and Headache Pain Relief Clinic of Marin!

Our goal is to help you achieve overall wellness, improve your quality of life, and facilitate healing through our treatments. We proudly serve the community of San Rafael by offering comprehensive chiropractic care and rehabilitation treatment in a compassionate and friendly environment.

Our clinic continues to offer the same sterling standard of customer service, chiropractic experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all patients, no matter their age.

Each person is an individual with unique needs. Our individualized approach to care lets us plan the most effective treatment to relieve discomfort and let you walk away feeling stronger and more relaxed. We do this with a comprehensive consultation and examination. We provide the needed time and attention to each of our patients. Here at Neck, Back, Arm, Leg and Headache Pain Relief Clinic of Marin, we value the importance of educating our patients about chiropractic care to support the healing process.

We value your health as much as you do! Our patient testimonials give you the confidence to let us treat you and give you the results thousands of other patients have received. We are here to serve your needs..

Our outstanding results make us the first choice for chiropractic care.

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Conditions Our Care May Help

We are skilled at finding the key to nervous system stress, reducing muscle tension, and relieving chronic pain with chiropractic care.

All Natural Wellness Treatment & Rehabilitation

We provide a multitude of holistic and rehabilitative treatments to effectively help relieve any chronic pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

I have been seeing Dr Joseph for almost 2 years. I was having big mood swings and he said he could help. I was surprised to hear that and gave it a try rather than go on medication. Dr Joseph began adjusting my atlas and I felt better! Now I see him fairly regularly and feel like I am getting the best Chiro care available. Thanks Dr J.!

San Rafael Chiropractor
C C.

San Rafael, CA

I have been going to Dr. Joseph for a few months now and it has completely changed my life. He is very supportive and his adjustments have done wonders for my back and whole body in general. He has helped me and continues to help me through my journey of feeling better in life. I would recommend him wherever I go.

San Rafael Chiropractor
Jessica F.

Benicia, CA

Some Chiropractors have fair technique, but are too timid. Others don't have as good technique, and are rightfully timid. The worst are those who have bad technique, but are aggressive. The best Chiropractors have good technique, and are not timid. Dr. Joseph falls in the fourth category and can usually give me or my wife relief.

San Rafael Chiropractor
John K.

San Rafael, CA

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care in San Rafael, CA

Frequently-Asked Questions About Chiropractic Treatment

How much does a treatment cost?

+ In general, the cost of chiropractic services is normally less than other kind of treatments . It all depends on how many sessions you will be recommended to attend will be determined by the extent of your injury. At our chiropractic office, our examination and consultation process are Free. After your treatment, we will provide you with an itemized statement that includes diagnostic codes to submit to your insurance or health savings account. Feel free to contact us with any questions pertaining to your insurance benefits at (415) 223-9060. This can all be discussed after your initial examination.

Is a chiropractor safe for everyone?

+ The answer to this is yes, chiropractic adjustments are safe for everyone when they are performed by a skilled and licensed professional Doctor of Chiropractic. At Neck, Back, Arm, Leg and Headache Pain Relief Clinic of Marin, Dr. Joseph is a certified San Rafael chiropractor, who has assisted people with years of experience in Chiropractic care. There is plenty of research available to show that chiropractic treatment is safe and can be beneficial for all ages, including infants and the elderly.

How often should you see a chiropractor?

+ It is recommended that you could visit a chiropractor 2-4 times per month to see the best result. If your goal is to attain your best health, you should really consider adding chiropractic care to your routine. Many chiropractic patients are able to notice the benefits of adjustments from just one session! The general reason it is recommended that you get regular adjustments is so that you are able to maintain this sense of comfort over time. It also depends on your health needs. You could benefit from weekly sessions or you could only need yearly visits to the chiropractor. You can also extend the benefits between regular sessions by maintaining healthy habits at home and in your day-to-day life. Don’t be afraid to consult with your doctor and ask for tips on healthy eating and exercise.

How will my body feel after a chiropractic adjustment?

+ Most patients feel some kind of effect immediately after an adjustment. It is important to keep in mind that because of the blockage, this is probably going to be the first time in years that regular nerve energy is reaching certain areas of the body without any interference. Many of our patients claim to feel more limber and relaxed – with a surge or energy. Patients with back pain are able to sit up straight and those with headaches are relieved of tension.

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